Onscreen Magazine: Ticket to Paradise Preview

“George Clooney. Julia Roberts. Romcom. Five words that should be enough to sell the film on their own. As well as being legitimate Hollywood royalty with ten Academy Award nominations and three wins between them, there’s real excitement about the pair reuniting onscreen after making cinemagoers swoon in Ocean’s Eleven.

Star power aside, Ticket To Paradise is the kind of old-school romcom that we thought they just didn’t make anymore. It feels like a movie milestone as Roberts and Clooney turn type and star as a bitter ex-couple who form a truce to stop their daughter from getting married too early, just as they did themselves. As much as the animosity is sure to bring plenty of laughs, everyone’s secretly hoping that the couple’s own flame will be rekindled along the way. Did anyone say double wedding?”

Follow this link to read the rest of my Onscreen Magazine preview for Ticket to Paradise.

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