I Choose Birmingham: Editorial 2019

Below these beautiful images are links to a selection of my writing for I Choose Birmingham. Clicketh the link for the full articles. Thanks for looking, Bab.

As Immense as the Sky

McMasters of the Universe 

“No stranger to firsts, Ikon opened the influx of fresh O₂ that is the debut solo UK exhibition of Meryl McMaster last week, in which the artist explores the impact of colonialisation, the discovery of self-identity and a sense of belonging.”

Peter Pan at The Rep

Neverland: Found

“While acting the man-child is not generally thought to be a good thing, The Rep’s created a re-imagining of the boy who wouldn’t grow up, and it’s a very good thing.”

Chris Morris The Day Shall Come

Morris at The Mac

“Based on closer to 350 real life accounts rather than the advertised 100, The Day Shall Come explores the FBI’s tactics during the quote, unquote, War on Terror.”

Jonas Bendiksen

Take a Moment 

“A great philosopher once said that life is made up of moments: whether lost, life changing or magic.”

Imbue Is This Real Life

Eye, eye

““Brexit.” No, wait, come back. Resident Brum artist Imbue (keep ‘em peeled for his stickers and paste-ups around town) asks “Is This Real Life?” with his biggest solo exhibition so far focusing on our existence during uncertain times.”

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