Den of Geek: Jim Carrey’s Avatar Feature

Jim Carrey capture

“Jim Carrey is a changed man. That is, the avatar that is presented to us as Jim Carrey has changed.

When the comedian waltzed out in front of E! News during New York Fashion Week and declared that everything was meaningless and that none of us are really here, the subtext of the resulting headlines was that Carrey had experienced a nervous breakdown, was battling depression or was just plain bat-shit crazy. “I don’t believe that you exist… but there’s a wonderful fragrance in the air,” said Carrey to the presumably sweet-smelling Catt Sadler.

But whereas most amateur psychologists would jump to define Carrey’s drastically altered persona as one that’s experiencing an existential crisis, Jim Carrey himself instead refers to it as an existential discovery.”

To read the rest of my take on the philosophy of Jim Carrey, then please click this link, not that any of this exists.

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