Den of Geek: Jack Burton Feature

Big Trouble in Little China screengrab

“Never meet your heroes. That’s what they say.

But the good thing about heroes that come from the movies is that you never have to worry about that; meeting them is not going to happen, save some sort of Jumanji hijinks. As a result, Han Solo, say, is immortalised onscreen, and all you have to worry about is Harrison Ford coming across as prickly in interviews. So, what happens if your heroes don’t change…but you do?

During one particularly long and hard think about Big Trouble In Little China, the original trailer was just begging to be watched. The film itself has reached near-mythological status in my house: introduced by my grandfather, regularly quoted and emblazoned on my attire. I know it inside out. Or I thought I did.”

To read the rest of my take on meeting your heroes for Den of Geek, then this link is the place to do it.

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