Den of Geek: TV’s Flashback Fatigue Feature

Flashback Fatigue Den of Geek screengrab

“Any GCSE English student should be able to tell you that the first rule of creative writing is ‘don’t talk about creative writing.’ More appropriately, the third rule of creative writing is ‘show, don’t tell.’ Let’s hope these kids don’t want to move on and become screenwriters, as the world of TV seems to disagree with the third rule and like a two-dollar snitch, insists on telling you everything now.

Although now widespread, this is a feeling which first emerged during a love affair with Lost. A week went by with countless hours spent reading forums and reviews and theorising accordingly on the unanswered questions: Was the Island actually purgatory? Was the Smoke Monster made up of nanobots? Do the show runners actually have an ending in mind? As it turns out, the answer to all of the above was a resounding “nope.”

To read the rest of my Den of Geek feature on Flashback Fatigue in TV, then please follow this link. Please and thank you.

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