Cineworld: Gremlins 4K Restoration Feature

Cineworld - Gremlins 4K Restoration Screengrab

“A Christmas movie, an iconic 1980s classic, a childhood favourite. These are just a few of the phrases that might get thrown around in a discussion about Joe Dante’s Gremlins. However, what often gets left out of the conversation is just how scary the film is. (It has, however, been downgraded to a 12A from its original 15 certificate.)

For every person declaring that Gizmo is the cutest thing ever (at least before Baby Yoda came along), there are a handful of genuinely gory sequences which remind you that this, in part, a festive horror movie and not for those with a very weak heart. Sorry about that, Mrs Deagle.

As we celebrate film’s 35th anniversary, what better way to revisit Gremlins than via a glorious 4K restoration? The movie is showing in Cineworld in both standard widescreen presentations and immersive 4DX, which comes complete with moving seats and effects that simulate the anarchic terror of the gremlins.

Here are some of the creepiest moments that you need to experience again on the big screen…”

Link at Cineworld now removed.

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