Cineworld: Frozen 2 Preview

Cineworld Frozen 2 Preview Screengrab

“The anthemic ‘Let it Go,’ Elsa the iconic Snow Queen and Olaf the adorable Snowman – all of that crashed into the pop culture canon in 2013, announcing the arrival of the animated, musical phenomenon known as Frozen.

Chances are, if you have never heard of it, you must have been hiding under a rock troll this whole time. And it was only matter of time before a sequel to Disney’s super-smash hit landed – interestingly, this November’s Frozen 2 incorporates elements of an origin story as well as propelling the action forward.

The sequel sees our gang of heroes venture beyond the kingdom of Arendelle in search of a land that’s locked in perpetual autumn. Here, they hope to discover the source of Elsa’s Ice Magic as well as the key to saving their home. Here’s everything we know so far.”

To read the rest of my Cineworld write up for Frozen 2, please follow this, here link.

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