Broadway Kitchens: Advertorials

Designer kitchens

“When you are busy planning your beautiful, bespoke kitchen, you need to be sure that your kitchen designer is not only an individual in whom you can trust, but they must be able to share in your vision.

Any esteemed kitchen designer will tell you that the kitchen is not simply a solitary environment. A bespoke, luxury kitchen is a sacred space: a place where friends and family can congregate and become closer together. Therefore, it makes sense that any kitchen designer should have an appreciation of your family and your passions in order to create your perfect kitchen.”

To read the rest of my advertorial for Broadway Kitchens, please follow this link.


Kitchen Jargon Buster

“Don’t worry, we’ve all been there: nodding along whilst an expert crowbars words into a conversation that’s designed to bamboozle. Broadway Kitchens, however, are committed to transparency, honesty and quality. So, with that being said, our gift to you is this handy guide to help break down the jargon and get you the luxury kitchen that you deserve. Let’s start at the beginning:

Bespoke – made to order and as per your requirements.
Butt hinges – exposed hinges which secure the door in the frame
Cornice – a curved material making the point where the wall meets the ceiling look more interesting.”

To brush up on the rest of your kitchen jargon, please follow this link.

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