21 Word Review: Tenet

Tenet protagonist

“There’s no such thing as a bad Christopher Nolan film.”

From the jigsaw narrative of Memento to the dreamy Inception, many would have found it difficult to argue with that sweeping statement. But the one-two punch of The Dark Knight Rises and Interstellar divided opinion, with the former getting lazy in the final third and the latter coming across as… err… a little up it’s own arse. Fingers crossed for Sci-Fi actioner and potential head-bender Tenet, then.

Literally starring as “The Protagonist”, John David Washington must save civilisation as we know it from a mysterious threat, armed only with the word “Tenet” and a hand gesture of inter-locked fingers. Good luck, then. Nolan’s latest also stars Robert ‘Batman’ Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki and Kenneth Brannagh, as well as Michael Caine sporting a brand new set of teeth.

Rounding out the assault on the senses, Hoyte Van Hoytema returns to Nolan’s camp for the third time as cinematographer whilst Ludwig Göransson takes over from Hans Zimmer on the music and “BRAAMS!” duties. After braving the cinema and without a spoiler in sight, here’s the 21 Word Review of Tenet.

Tenet The Protagonist 21 Word Review

“For a high-concept thriller, Tenet seems under-baked and best served with your brain switched off. Time for Nolan to rewind.”

What did you think to Tenet? Was it worth your time? Let me know in the comments below.

Iggy Pop had the right idea: If you can’t say it in 21 words then you’re not saying it right. For other 21 Word Reviews, then follow this link.

2 thoughts on “21 Word Review: Tenet

  1. ghostof82 says:

    I am so not surprised. Nolan’s films are always more cerebral than emotional, as cold as Kubrick and likewise adored by the critics. I won’t be in a mad rush to catch up with Tenet – I just can’t understand why everyone is so wild about anything he touches. Technically he is very good but he needs more of the emotional core of early Spielberg to really makes something special.

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    1. Robb Sheppard says:

      The Kubrick analogy’s a good one – although I don’t think it will last if we have another Tenet or Interstellar. They’re both overly-complicated in an attempt to be intellectual but come across as a bit “Sixth Form”.


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