21 Word Review: Right At Your Door

cop in gas mask quarantine movie

As the UK lockdown limps towards its end, now feels like a fitting time to go quarantine crazy again for this week’s 21 Word Film Review. Whilst most of the UK seemed to be settling down with the schadenfreude-shaped escapism of Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion, there was another virus-related film which had long-since left an unshakeable impression: Right At Your Door by director Chris Gorak.

It descends into chaos as a dirty bomb is set off, sending toxic fumes spreading across the city and seeping into homes. With downtown shut off, everyman Bradley (Rory Cochrane) has no choice but to seal off his house, but has life-or-death decisions to make when his wife Lexi (Mary McCormack) returns home, bringing with her more questions than answers.

With that being quite enough of a preamble, here’s the 21 Word Review of Right At Your Door.

locked out quarantine movie

“Upon release, RAYD felt horrifically hemmed-in, peppered with paranoia and like it could never happen. Nowadays, it’s too close for comfort.”

What did you think to Right At Your Door? Was it worth a watch or best left unseen? Let me know in the comments below.

Iggy Pop had the right idea: If you can’t say it in 21 words then you’re not saying it right. For other 21 Word Reviews, just follow this link.

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