21 Word Review: Greed

Greed Steve Coogan Toga

Greed stars national treasure Steve Coogan as Sir Richard McCreadie, the super-rich, self-styled King of the High Street. This is a man who thinks nothing of losing leagues of employees (as long as they’re only part time) and might give serious thought to changing his name to Maximus Decimus Meridius. Coogan’s fictional character is in no way, shape or form based on any persons living or dead. At all.

Written and directed by the BAFTA-winning Michael Winterbottom, McCreadie is taken to task for his unethical business and personal practices by family, friends and massive felines. This leaves the lasting question: is greed a good thing, or is it simply a sin? Here’s the 21 Word Review of Greed.

Greed Steve Coogan court hearing

“Despite a parabolic punch which lands too late, Winterbottom’s satire on fame and fashion feels made from mismatched and mercurial material.”

What did you think to Greed? Does it deserve your wrath or your envy? Let me know in the comments below but unlike me, go easy on the alliteration.

Iggy Pop had the right idea: If you can’t say it in 21 words then you’re not saying it right. For other 21 Word Reviews, then follow this link.

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