Toy Story 4: Fave Films Preview for 2019

Toy Story 4 Review Woody, Buzz, Jessie and Forky

Whilst pondering the big releases of 2019, thoughts of which was the most highly-anticipated immediately led to a film primarily made with children in mind, but also one which was bound to reduce adults to mere jabbering wrecks by the end of it. Especially if the effects of the last instalment were any indication. That highly anticipated film is Toy Story 4. And we never even knew we needed it.

Toy Story 3 seemingly closed a chapter as Andy rode off into the college-shaped sunset, leaving Buzz, Woody and co. in the enthusiastic hands of an appreciative and imaginative Bonnie. As an audience, we dealt with it. We accepted it. We moved on. So, how’s about we drag it all up again, eh?

This time around, director duties fall to Josh Cooley (who penned the screenplay for Inside Out) with the fourth instalment looking set to follow our heroes as they head off on a road trip, led by “Forky” who is, well, plastic cutlery with googly eyes stuck on. Existential quandaries aside, it’s slim pickings when it comes to plot details, although it somehow still feels like it can’t possibly disappoint.

The overwhelming feeling is that this film will be the final, final chapter in the series with posters suggesting Woody’s ready to hang up his spurs. But throw in that classic voice cast returning along with the added vocal talents of Patricia Arquette, Jordan Peele and, woah, Keanu Reeves and we’re ready and raring to say; “Toy Story 4! Come on and take your best shot. We can take it.”

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