Avengers: Infinity War – 2018’s Film of the Year

My Film of the Year 2018

As part of Flickfeast‘s Films of the Year 2018 feature, we got nostalgic and I went with my heart…

Avengers: Infinity War was my favourite film of 2018.

Yeah, I said it. In 2008, I found myself far from home with an evening to kill and a movie on-demand service. As a DC fan, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight had given me a spring in my step so I ended up taking a punt; “Aww. Iron Man? Bless ’em.”

Fast forward through ten years, and with varied reactions to each MCU instalment thereafter, I found myself feeling whilst watching Avengers: Infinity War. I felt something as several of the Guardians of The Galaxy drifted off into dust, even though I’d scoffed at Vol. 1‘s trailer, thinking Marvel were scraping the barrel. I felt something as Tom Holland’s Peter Parker disintegrated, although I’d rolled my eyes at the reincarnation of his character. And that was all whilst knowing that we’d see all of our heroes again.

The film’s finale floored the viewer and created a cinematic moment which had to be seen and was a pleasure to share, even for those who hate sharing the cinema. Stretching further, in a day and age where spoilers are rife, the ‘Thanos Demands Your Silence’ hashtag only served to heighten the intrigue.

2018 Film of the Year

But it’s not just about that dire denouement either. As the film’s villain, Thanos is nothing short of iconic: ruthless yet sympathetic to a point, maniacal yet near-believable in his motives. And by Odin’s beard, you want to see him get twatted.

Sure, the film has it’s flaws. Although eventually rewarding, Thor forging his new axe is full of false drama and soundtracked by yet another ridiculous accent from Peter Dinklage. The Hulk’s abandoned narrative arc is another guilty remnant of ‘Infinity Wars: Part 1′ syndrome and even the hefty run time can stop some characters from getting short shrift.

However, what we were left with was a cinematic event with a pay-off deserving of the decade it took to deliver. Oh, snap.

Which releases made your Films of the Year for 2018? Have I overlooked your fave? Or have I over-hyped? Takes me to school in the comments below.


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