The Week in Red Bezzle Land


Welcome back! When I’ve not been Totes Quoting or 21 Wording, here’s what I’ve been busy with:

I got all glammed-up for Little White Lies and took a look back at Velvet Goldmine as it celebrated its 20 year anniversary! In other news I now want a pair of silver trousers.


I went back to Derry, Maine with Den of Geek to compare the novel, mini-series and film adaptation of Stephen King’s It. Beep Beep!

Sadly, a Star Wars project has now gone south after spies stole our plans/had the same idea as us. But we’ll always have Coalville Quarry.

I got all matriarchal for I Choose Birmingham and took on Nabi artist Édouard Vuillard’s expo at The Barber. *Strokes chin*

The rest of the week has been spent looking to fill some freelance slots that are available in November. So if you’d like Red Bezzle Brand to be part of your week, now’s the time to get in touch.


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