The Week in Red Bezzle Land

THE Sh… Or Just Plain Sh… Stephen King’s IT Gets The Take Two Treatment

Welcome back! When I’ve not been Totes Quoting or 21 Wording, here’s what I’ve been busy with:

I tried to break the internet for Onscreen Magazine as I bigged-up Wreck-it Ralph 2 for the November/December issue. Sadly, I only got 2 Likes and an RT. Thanks mum.

I Choose Birmingham had me back to get busy on editorial/start a rap battle. Keep your eye out for what’s hot in Brum each and every week by signing up to the weekly email and see if you can spot my fingerprints.

I took a trip down to Derry, Maine to see how Stephen King’s It ( the 1990 TV mini-series) shapes up next to the novel and the 2017 film incarnation. Do keep your eye on my author page at Den Of Geek UK so you can see what’s what over the next week or so.

I’ve also worked on some serious portfolio expansion (!) by getting all SEO on Broadway Kitchens’ websites. Do check out their Blog section if you smell what we’re cooking.

The rest of the week has been spent looking to fill some freelance slots that are available in late October/early November. So if you’d like Red Bezzle Brand to be part of your week, now’s the time to get in touch.


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