My Life in Film #6 – The Empire Strikes Back

Film has long been an addiction as well as instrumental in forming some of the friendships and relationships that are of most important to me. Film has influenced the language that I use, the books that I read and the music that I listen to.

Most of all, film has been there for me at pivotal moments in my life; it’s a BFF who’s just as comfortable dumbing down with beers and pizza as they are engaging in existentialist chit-chat. In short, film is my everyday and film is my life.

To illustrate my point and exorcise my addiction, each week I will shed a tiny glimpse into how film affects my every day. Are you ready?

My Life in Film #6 – The Empire Strikes Back


Star Wars was the first film I fell in love with. As a young boy staring up at the television in wonder, it taught me several valuable life lessons: Always shoot first; once a scoundrel, always a scoundrel and never snog your sister.

Star Wars has made its way into countless aspects of my life, even my wedding speech, where I went “Full Empire” (™ Chris Holloway).

However, it was other life lessons that recently washed over my thoughts like a Jedi mind trick. Whilst both disgruntled and disheartened with my day job’s year-long training programme, of which I was nearing the end, it came to me like a Force Ghost out of the blue: Luke never finished his training! He was still a Jedi. Just an unqualified Jedi.

Sadly, where Frank Oz’s Yoda couldn’t convince Luke to continue, adult shiz gave me no choice. What happened to the days when we could just rock up to the Tosche Station and pick up some Power Converters?

What are your My Life in Film moments? Confess all in the comments below.


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