The Week in Red Bezzle Land

Smallfoot This Week in Red Bezzle Land

When I’ve not been Totes Quoting or 21 Wording, here’s what I’ve been busy with:

I got all Festival Freaky for the lovely folks at I Choose Birmingham and in particular, about The Custard Factory’s Festival of Terror. The fest features an awesome Alien day, horror quizzes and cosplay comps as well as a Rocky Horror Show sing-a-long and it all takes places over Halloween at The Custard Factory.

This week saw the second instalment of #FilmFatherhood, a brand new visual feature detailing how film helps you cope with fatherhood. But you probably could have guessed that bit. It’s available only on Instagram so be sure to follow me right here. Or you could have a peek right here…as a one off:

I’m very proud to say that my first article for Onscreen Magazine was also published this month, so do keep your eye out for it in the Indie cinemas…

Keep your eye on Den of Geek! too over the next week for my feature on Disability and Diversity: A Casting Crisis.

The rest of the week has been spent trying to fill some freelance slots that I have available in early October. So if you’d like Red Bezzle Brand to be part of your week, now’s the time to get in touch.


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