Premiere Screening: Phillip Ray Tommy’s Creep

Creep Premiere Review

We were fortunate enough to be invited along to The Mockingbird Cinema in Birmingham for the Premiere of Creep, the new short film from writer and director Phillip Ray Tommy and Tom Anderson Productions.

Starring Alina Mischi and Oliver Mayo, Creep centres around an interrogation scene between a sceptical, world-weary detective (Mayo) and a beautiful (and therefore harmless?) suspect (Mischi). However, what unfolds throughout the course of the interview suggests that she’s not as innocent as she seems, and is merely an introduction to something altogether more sinister. Actually, make that something pant-shittingly scary!

The production values were suitably slick and impressive, leaving us second-guessing the film’s independent status. Mischi, in particular, delivered some difficult dialogue and seemed to revel in the role, whilst Mayo portrayed cynicism with sneering skill.  The closing special effects also achieved something that’s often lost in cinema nowadays: leaving the audience wanting more. And waiting we are…

Serving as a prologue of sorts, Creep carries connotations of grand aspirations for what could potentially evolve into an anthology. Encompassing religious and mythological aspects and hopefully some serious ass-kicking, it could well serve as a companion piece to Tommy’s previous picture, Cain and Abel.

There’s an increased focus on film and TV in Birmingham, from the popularity of Peaky Blinders, to Spielberg’s Digbeth dystopia in Ready Player One, to the fast-track filming application process set up by Film Birmingham. The talent on display in Creep would be a good place on which that focus should fall.





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