Film Review – The Wrestler

Red Bezzle Brand lay the Smackdown on behalf of Film and TV 101 and Reffing Movies for The Play to the Whistle Blogathon. Let’s get ready to rumble!


“Wrestling is fake.” Let’s get this out of the way nice and early.
Is wrestling a sport? In the Olympic sense of the word, of course it is. In the professional sense of the word, not so much. But what it is, is a live action movie: an athletic physical altercation with a pre-determined outcome. So, the same as, say…Jason Statham vs Dwayne Johnson in The Fast and the Furious 8? Or Choi Min-sik in a Royal Rumble of sorts against 30 other men in Oldboy?”

You can read the full review for The Wrestler here.

What’s your favourite sports movie? Educate me in the comments below. Please.


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