My Life in Film #7: Ratburger

Film has long been an addiction as well as instrumental in forming some of the friendships and relationships that are of most important to me. Film has influenced the language that I use, the books that I read and the music that I listen to.

Most of all, film has been there for me at pivotal moments in my life; it’s a BFF who’s just as comfortable dumbing down with beers and pizza as they are engaging in existentialist chit-chat. In short, film is my everyday and film is my life.

To illustrate my point and exorcise my addiction, each week I will shed a tiny glimpse into how film affects my every day. Are you ready?


We’ve all been there: 3am on a busy high street looking to soak up the alcohol with that perfect combination of meat, cheese and bread.

What we often end up with though, is not the “Mmmm-hmmm” of a tasty burger. Instead of the Big Kahuna Burger that made Pulp Fiction‘s Jules Winfield salivate, we more often than not get the Ratburger.

Where this phrase comes from though, is a fuzzy memory befitting of the night before. Clues point to an 80’s film that pre-dates David Walliams’ book and probably shouldn’t have been watched. The question is, can you fill in the blanks for me?


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