My Life in Film #4: Back to the Future

I’ve got a secret: I’m addicted! I daydream about it when I’m driving. I think about it when I’m alone in the bathroom. If you’ve ever met me, I’m sorry but I was probably thinking about it when I was talking to you too.

I’m talking  about film, of course. Film has been instrumental in forming some of the friendships and relationships that are of most important to me. Film has influenced the language that I use, the books that I read and the music that I listen to. Most of all, film has been there for me at pivotal moments in my life; it’s a BFF who’s just as comfortable dumbing down with beers and pizza as they are engaging in existentialist chit-chat. In short, film is my everyday and film is my life.

To illustrate my point and exorcise my addiction, each week I will shed a tiny glimpse into how film affects my every day. Are you ready?

My Life in Film #4


You’re more than welcome to read into the psychology of this, but whereas many people enjoy the relaxation of a jaunt to their local franchised coffee shop, I like to take advantage of the opportunity for tomfoolery. That brief yet fruitful relationship between customer and barista is special, and to them and only them, my name is Biff. As in Tannen. From Back to the Future. I don’t know why. It just came out once. And now it’s a thing. Told you I was addicted.

What are your My Life in Film moments? Let me know in the comments


3 thoughts on “My Life in Film #4: Back to the Future

  1. ghostof82 says:

    I have a saying, whenever things in life go south; “Its GONE, MacReady”. I’ll mutter it out loud and often be met by bewilderment. But anybody familiar with The Thing will recognise my sentiments.

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