The Matrix: 5 reasons it should stay unplugged

With news breaking of the Warner Brothers machine rebooting The Matrix, there heaved a collective sigh louder than Zion on New Year’s Eve. “Can I take the blue pill now, please?”  “Why can’t they just reboot Reloaded and Revolutions?” Here are but a few reasons that The Matrix should stay offline.

The Sound


From Davis’ memorable Main Title to the climactic Wake Up by Rage Against The Machine via the iconic Propellerheads lobby scene, the soundtrack and score albums felt as essential as the Pulp Fiction OST and made the perfect backdrop to daring your mates to do a running back flip off the wall.

The Look

Image result for trinity and neo

The movie’s S&M Gestapo meets H&M Goth costuming made wearing leather trench coats in the summer seem reasonable and wearing shades indoors perfectly acceptable.

The Nokia 8810

Image result for matrix phone

The main reason everyone wanted a Nokia, aside from Snake, was The Matrix. You could look like a boss answering your flip phone even though everyone knew it was your mum asking you to pick up some semi-skimmed.

Keanu Cool

Image result for keanu reeves matrix

Possibly Keanu’s most significant cultural contribution next to the Conspiracy Keanu “What if…” meme. Plus, without Neo there’d be no John Wick, Shirley?

Bullet Time

Matrix bullet time

Responsible for generating countless parodies, bits and skits, never trust anyone who says they haven’t emulated the backwards bullet dodge.

Then again, maybe we’re the problem. Like Neo says before Clark Kent-ing into the sky; “I know that you’re afraid… you’re afraid of us. You’re afraid of change.”


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